Our Solutions in Iron and Steel Industry

Manufacturing and maintenance of rolls for iron and steel industry

Know-how and skills

– Patented technologies of conductor rolls for better electrical conductivity and higher wear resistance.

– Mastery of coating technologies adapted to your processes and environment.

– Development and continuous improvement of rolls performances and life time.

We provide technical  solutions in various sectors of iron and steel industry for the following production lines :

    • Tin plating line (ETL) PSA process – MSA process – Halogen process
    • Chrome plating line (ECCS) or tin free steel line (TFS)
    • Electrogalvanizing line (EGL)
    • Continuous galvanizing line (CGL)
    • Continuous annealing line (CAL)
    • Other lines : Electro copper plating,  Anodizing, …

Expertises on site  

Expertise visit on ETL, ECCS, TFS, CAL, CGL lines