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International leader in design, manufacturing and maintenance of industrial rolls

Our solutions in Plastic Industries
  • Optimised design to ensure good heat exchange,
  • Sizing studies, deformation calculations.
  • Mastery of coating and finishing technologies adapted to the process
  • Patented technologies for LCT and LCT+ temperature control
  • Development of options: micro-adjustment of balancing, individual cleaning of channels, etc.

    We provide solutions in the plastic film industry for the following production lines:

    Bi-oriented line, BOPP, BOPET
    Cast line
    Calendering line
    Vulcanisation line
    Other lines: coating, lamination, laminating, foaming, varnishing, etc.

Our Solutions in Iron and Steel Industry
  • Patented conductive roller technologies for improved electrical conductivity and high wear resistance.

  • Mastery of coating technologies adapted to your processes and environment.

  • Development and continuous improvement of roller performance and service life.

    We provide technical solutions in the various sectors of the steel industry for the following production lines:

    Tinning line (ETL) PSA process – MSA process – Halogen process
    Chromium plating line (ECCS) or Tin Free line (TFS)
    Electrogalvanising line (EGL)
    Galvanising line (CGL)
    Continuous annealing line (CAL)
    Other lines: Electrolytic copper plating, Anodising, Pickling, etc.

Our Solutions in other sectors

We offer subcontracting services in a variety of sectors, including :

  • Energy
  • Aerospace, Defence
  • Oil
  • Power generation
  • Paper, cardboard and printing
  • Textile industry
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Composites
  • Food industry
  • Carbon fibre